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2011: A Fantastic Year Ahead


This article was first published on the Online EU Training blog


2010 has been an eventful year at Arboreus Online EU Training:


2011: A Fantastic Year Ahead



It would not have been possible without our (currently) 7300+ fans on Facebook and our tens of thousands of users. In short: THANK YOU!


Our plans for 2011 include a new year resolution to help you succeed Smiley so here is our promise:

  • In a few days, we will launch the world’s first e-learning presentations on the European Union
  • In a few weeks, we are launching our brand new EU affairs job board for job seekers & employers
  • We will continously improve, develop & fine-tune our EPSO test simulation engine
  • We keep offering an ever-growing number of live online webinar trainings for EU exams
  • You will benefit from one of Europe’s best customer support & FREE advice on EU careers and jobs
  • …and many more services to help you get an EU job at the Commission, Parliament or elsewhere!


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