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Seth has written a great piece onĀ Six things about deadlines. Though he essentially talks about business, it is worth considering for EPSO job applicants and EU affairs professionals, too.


Enough to look at his chart: when a deadline is announced, the eager ones rush and get it done right away. EPSO candidates sign up, create a profile, validate their applications and presto, it’s done! Late risers, on the other hand, risk having a server slowdown, missing the last bus home from work to finalise their application two hours before the closing time, and presto, it’s too late!


Deadlines in the EU public affairs world are no joke either: most insitutions like EU agencies or Commission services are not only political bodies but are regulatory authorities as well. If you hand in an amendment to a European Parliament committee or file a complaint just one hour too late for a merger case at the Commission, you’re out, dismissed, disregarded and disqualified.


Don’t miss the deadlines…they are never coming live again.


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