Deloitte Award for Arboreus: 9th Fastest Growing Company in Hungary, 40th in Central & Eastern Europe

Two years ago we received global services firm Deloitte’s ‘Rising Star’ Award and our team at Arbo was all over the place. Thanks to our amazing 70,000+ customers, Arboreus was awarded the ’4th Fastest Growing Tech Start-up’ in 2012 of all the Central European tech companies younger than 5 years.


In the past two years, we kept up the hard work and yesterday we were back at Deloitte’s annual gala. This time we competed in the ’Fast 50’ category, the playing field for companies older than 5 years, and Arboreus was recognized as the 40th fastest growing tech-company in Central and Eastern Europe.




Our flagship Online EU Training is moving steadily forward, and with an ever-expanding user base it is the world’s favourite EPSO preparation service.


Career Gym, EU Training’s little brother, helps job applicants prepare for admission tests, and earlier this year we have launched the latest member of the Arboreus family.Talentsift offers ability and personality test suites for companies to help them select the best candidates for new positions. The British National Health Service was among the first customers and many more are trialling it right now.


We could not have gone so far without the people at our HQ and all the freelance experts, advisors and contributors who have worked with us during these years. We strongly believe that this team, spanning all over Europe, is the key to our success. We’ll do our best to keep improving and impressing another 100,000 customers in the coming years.


Thank you all for being with us, and thank you Deloitte for the recognition.


We’ll be back next year!


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