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European Digital Advocacy Survey 2015

European Digital Advocacy Survey 2015


All organisations — whether they work in health care, energy, environment, beverages or consumer goods — are looking for best practices in influencing public discourse about their key public policy concerns and in getting their messages across to policymakers.


Digital advocacy is one of the hottest topics
in “the Brussels bubble” today.


Digital Advocacy Trends in 2015, a new survey conducted by the Public Afairs Council and 3Communications, examined a large cross section of industries to determine the spread and efcacy of digital advocacy (defined here as advocating via blogs, social media, video and other online tools).



  • Digital tools are important: 89% percent of PA professionals use digital tools for advocacy.
  • Digital advocacy works: Over 60% of respondents who use digital advocacy tools reported meeting their primary objective through use of those tools.
  • Those that see value in using digital tools are already using them: 29% of non-users have plans to start using digital tools within the next 12 months.
  • Long-term objectives are important: although digital advocacy is a fast-moving medium, many of the benefts being sought are long-term.
  • Funding for digital advocacy is on the rise: Nearly 2/3 of responding organizations believe their digital advocacy budget allocation will increase, while only 2 percent think it will decrease.
  • Success is hard to measure: Despite reporting success, measurement can take many forms.


Read the full survey and its findings here


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