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I am interested to get an EU job because…


This article was first published on the Online EU Training blog


We asked our Facebook fans why they are interested in getting an EU job and an amazing 39 answers were given. Here are the reasons why European job seekers are looking to work for the European Union in Brussels (only first names are shown for privacy) – a fascinating read!



1. ” … the salaries and benefits are excellent while the competences required and the content of the job are unclear, and there is plenty of unemployment in other sectors!” (Sophia)


2.  “‎… no one in the EU institutions would actually learn Romanian, and least of all Hungarian — ergo, my services as a translator and interpreter are desperately needed for the impeccable functioning of said institutions! :)” (Ilona)


3. “…people, actions and trips are going to be somehow always interesting and surprising, and among all the benefits, you are supposed to stay or pass by a country full of delicious chocolate and trappist beers..” (Gabriella)


4.“…I love working environments that offer plenty of room for improvement!” (Julia)


5. “‎…of the huge amount of new laboral opportunities it would offer me, because of the great improvement it would implie for my language abilities, and finally, because of the challenge that means to know deeply another countries. IT´S AMAZING!!!!!” (Yolanda)


6. “…who else is going to sort Europe out?!” (Joanne)


7. “… i want to contribute in building a better Europe, by improving myself and the Institution i’d like to work in.” (Francesco)


8. “…I was born to make Europeans happy…to learn from others and others to learn from me, so we can all live united in diversity…SO HELP US GOD! ;)” (Teodora)


9. “‎…I am Europe and Europe is in me. By helping Europe, Europe will be helping me. But I’m also Romania, and therefore, with my little help, Europe will be helping my little country..just a logically state of mind..and spirit” (Cristina)


10. “…I am deaf and if I get hired to work in the EU institutions that’ll open the doors to other deaf european people who deserves it as much as anyone else.” (Howard)


11. “…In 1990 i left Europe but Europe never left me and now I would like to get back where I belong!” (Vedran)


12. “‎… the EU can only live up to its own potential if people like me and my generation pass the EPSO test and get the chance to use their good brains and honest hearts in its service.” (Sonia)


13. “…Because if I do not pass this EPSO competition EU instututions will loose a talent like me. I cannot do this to them.” (Elena)


14. “…I’m one of the workers than EU need. The problem is they don’t know it yet!” (Noelia)


15. “… It would allow me to use my language skills in the most stimulating and multicultural work environment in the world and to raise my children multi-lingually and multi-culturally. This way I would contribute to raising next generation of European linguists.” (Ewa)


16. “…What’s better than doing what you love (in my case, translating) for an employer who is willing to pay you a generous salary, encourages you to enhance your skills by learning new languages and is intent on making Europe and the world a better place?” (Dimitra)


17. “…Who will not enjoy an EU job – high salaries, great social benefits, intercultural teams…” (Borislav)


18. “…I actually LIKE burocracy.” (Patricia)


19. “…ohh yess right how about the tests.. because i like working in an international environment but as an Italian lawyer no tests pls!!!” (Alex)


20. “…Working for your own government means uncertainty from time to time… in the EU it´s guaranteed! or… If the EU wants to sink Europe, better be on the helm” (Antonio)


21. “‎…my salary will be ten times higher than my current one and I would still be doing what I like but at a larger scale.” (Liliana)


22. “I will meet new people, they will meet me and we will do a good work together And for my childeren also – they will have new friends just like me in the past” (Христина)


23. “…it means working in a multicultural environment that will stimulate you to become better and learn more everyday….” (Maria-Christina)


24. “…Europe is our past, present and future. It is the bridge to a world of solidarity, cooperation and multiculturalism…the way to a better world!” (Stefania)


25. “…Make a little space… Make a better place… Heal the world… Make it a better place for You and for the EU… and the entire human race…” (Boryana)


26. “…Europe needs me….just like it needs everyone to work together to achieve a common goal… a sustainable future to new generations to come…” (Maria)


27. “…I’m really interested to get an EU job because I want to be rich… I’ll find so many friends and I’ll have so many experiences … rich living” (Lambrini)


28. “…An EU job is like a teenage love affair. Even when it really messes your head (e.g. when you are a PhD ready to work as an AST :), it still gives you the feeling that this is it, that you are at the right place. And if it glitters, it better be gold!” (Andreea)


29. “…‎- ability to learn the best about cultural diversity, incl. foreign language training
– it is an interesting and exciting work in the forefront of technology” (Irina)


30. “…My thirst for knowledge can only be Smoothed working for the EU!it’s the only place in the world where i can dedicate to the only thing that i like: languages!” (Ruxandra)


31. “… my work could actually make a difference… cheesy but true! ;)” (Carolina)


32. “…to give something back to Europe in return for the luck I have to have been born European”(Claudia)


“E uropean
U nion
R esponse
O n
P roblems
E uropean” (Anne)


34. “…because i feel that I was borned for it… Interpreting for the EU gives you the feeling of being usefull and apreciated… Romanian, Spanish, French,Italian, Portuguese languages have finally the same home : EU!” (Florina-Liliana)


35. “…Don’t choose anybody else but ….ME ! :)” (Dirk)


36. “‎… life is to short to live & work only in Croatia” (Diana)


37. “…The unique chance to work for European Union’s Institutions or Agencies
A challanging work, that makes a difference to Europe Working in an environment which will encourage and help me learn new skills Working in a genuinely multicultural environment” (Desislava)


38. “…I would like to bring my contribution to strengthening of political stability and in socio-economic development of Europe.” (Tatiana)


39. “…I am working in the United States for the past 3 years but I have decided to go back where I belong. And I want to do my best and make Europe the most important place in the world. That’s why I want to work for EU.” (Lucia)


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