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It’s no joyride to be an EU Commissioner these days


This article was first published on the Online EU Training blog

Did you think EU Commissioners have an easy or safe job? Think again! Since the Lisbon Treaty entered into force, their life and moral safety is under threat: the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church has just issued a scathing statement, which, in our view, may even endanger Ukraine’s (anyways uncertain) EU accession..!!


[Arboreus Online EU Training declines any affiliation to or endorsement of the below statement. We are indeed big fans of the Lisbon Treaty!]





The following is a copy-paste of the original article found at

Excommunication upon 27 EU Commissioners


By authority of the Most High and Triune God, the Bishops’ Synod of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church (UOGCC) hereby makes it public that 27 Euro-Commissioners are excommunicated from the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church. It is of no significance whether the concerned were baptized Catholics or non-Catholics. It concerns the following persons:

1.        José Manuel Barroso

2.        Catherine Ashton

3.        Viviane Reding

4.        Joaquín Almunia

5.        Siim Kallas

6.        Neelie Kroes

7.        Antonio Tajani

8.        Maroš Šefčovič

9.        Janez Potočnik

10.      Olli Rehn

11.      Andris Piebalgs

12.      Michel Barnier

13.      Androulla Vassiliou

14.      Algirdas Šemeta

15.      Karel De Gucht

16.      John Dalli

17.      Máire Geoghegan-Quinn

18.      Janusz Lewandowski

19.      Maria Damanaki

20.      Kristalina Georgieva

21.      Günther Oettinger

22.      Johannes Hahn

23.      Connie Hedegaard

24.      Štefan Füle

25.      László Andor

26.      Cecilia Malmström

27.      Dacian Cioloş


The reason for their excommunication is that they represent and are in the forefront of a criminal system which destroys human nature. This criminal system of antivalues leads to elimination of moral and universal values and of the conscience. It opens human nature to demoniacal possession. That means that they are responsible for crimes against humanity. Through the so-called Lisbon Treaty this system enforces amoral laws. The primary concern of this ideology is to promote perverse homosexuality and by means of so-called gender equality and juvenile justice to totally destroy the foundation of the human society, i.e. the natural family. As a result, the spiritually and morally poisoned generation will commit even physical genocide against itself and against all humanity.

No criminal system, not even Nazism, penetrated so deep in self-destruction as the demonic ideology of the Lisbon Treaty. It has to do directly with the one who declares himself antigod, i.e. Satan.

It is only by authority of God that our Synod declares and makes public the reality of excommunication from the Church. There remains only one thing for the excommunicated to do. To repent. In concrete terms, this means in the first place to publicly declare the Lisbon Treaty to be a crime against humanity and in the second place to arrange for its abrogation! To counterbalance it, they must see tolegalization of true moral and universal values! Unless each of the excommunicated repents, in the hour of death he (or she) will be condemned by the Most High, Just and Almighty God to eternal punishment and suffer everlasting torments. Such is the reality and all kinds of phrases or relativization of this truth is merely a naive self-deceit! We have to point out that it is no justification to appeal to the apostatical Catholic hierarchy in the EU. These hierarchs are now also under the curse of anathema and unless they repent, they will likewise be condemned to eternal torment.


Bishops of the UOGCC

+ Eliáš OSBMr

+ Metoděj OSBMr

+ Samuel OSBMr

+ Markian OSBMr


Lvov (Ukraine), 25th August 2010


Copies to:

–         Pope Benedict XVI

–         Eurodeputies

–         Presidents of the EU member states

–         President of Russia and Ukraine

Adresa: Synod UPHKC, Sosnová 3, 79491 Lvov – Brjuchoviči, Ukrajina 36R7M45S5342


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