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Lobbying Strategy in Europe: Vitamin, or Painkiller?

Lobbying Strategy in Europe Vitamin or Painkiller


When a startup pitches their business to a venture capitalist to finance it, usually there is a question the potential investor will ask them:


is your company a vitamin or a painkiller?


That’s a very good question also when we talk about lobbying and the specific issue that you or your company are advocating: is your position a vitamin or a painkiller for the policy-maker.


A vitamin means that it enhances their status, it gives them more visibility,
it helps them look better in the eyes of voters or their peers


A painkiller, on the other hand, is something that could, for instance, help them avoid the loss of jobs, or avoid the banning of a certain substance or material. So that’s more about damage control.


The two narratives are vastly different because advocating
for a vitamin is a very positive narrative


that is easy to sell and inspires anyone who is dealing with that particular policy.


Whereas advocating for a painkiller is often more defensive and is harder to sell and harder to convince policy-makers about it.


What companies often forget is that the
very same issue can be packaged either way.


If you manage to turn that painkiller into a vitamin and present it to a member of the European Parliament or a national legislation, suddenly it will trigger a very different reception and a much better outcome in terms of your policy goal.


See video:


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