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Recommended Podcasts for Public Affairs Professionals

I recently invited my fellow public affairs professionals on LinkedIn to share their favourite podcasts. Here are the results:

Advocacy Help Desk

Advocacy Helpdesk



Business Daily

Business Dail‪y‬

Campaigning & Strategy

campaigning and strategie

Civic Tech Chat

Civic Tech Cha‪t‬

Civics 101

Civics 101

Columbia Energy Exchange

Columbia Energy Exchang‪e‬

De Afspraak op Vrijdag

De Afspraak Op Vrijda‪g‬

De Standaard

De Standaard Podcas‪t‬

Deep State Radio

Deep State Radio

Der Politik

Der Politik Podcast

Einfach Politik

Einfach Politik by SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen



EU Confidential

EU Confidentia‪l‬

EU Scream

EU Scream

FiveThirtyEight Politics

FiveThirtyEight Politic‪s‬

FT News Briefing

FT News Briefin‪g‬

Global News BBC

Global News Podcas‪t‬

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain

How to Vaccinate the World

How to Vaccinate the World

In Our Time

In Our Tim‪e‬

Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experienc‪e

Lage der Nation – der Politik

Lage der Nation – der Politik Podcast aus Berlin by Philip Banse & Dr. Ulf Buermeyer, LL.M.

Leadership Next

Leadership Next by Alan Murray

Left, Right & Center


Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman Podcas‪t‬

Literature and History

Literature and Histor‪y

Making Sense

Making Sense, by Sam Harris

Megyn Kelly Show

The Megyn Kelly Sho‪w‬

Modern Wisdom

Modern Wisdo‪m

Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun Podcast by Ned Ryun

New Eastern Europe

Talk Eastern Europe by New Eastern Europe



Parlament Erklärt

Parlament erklärt by Austrian Parliament

Planet Money

NPR Planet Money

Political Gabfest

Political Gabfest by Slate Magazine






punktEU by WDR

Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur

Social Media and Politic‪s

Social Media and Politic‪s‬

Social Pros

Social Pros Podcas‪t‬


Stimmenfang – Der Politik Podcast by DER SPIEGEL


Sway Pivot - basically anything on tech with Kara Swisher

Talking Legal Tech

Talking Legal Tech

Talking Politics


The Daily 202´s Big Idea

The Daily 202's Big Ide‪a‬

The Daily

The Dail‪y‬

The Documentary

The Documentary Podcas‪t‬

The Intelligence


The Journal

The Journal.

The Knowledge Project

The Knowledge Project

The Life Scientific

The Life Scientific

The New Abnormal

The New Abnorma‪l‬

The Persuaders


The Political Life

The Political Lif‪e

The Portal

The Porta‪l

The Real Story

The Real Stor‪y‬

The Swiss Connection

The Swiss Connection by SWI

This is Love

This is Lov‪e‬

This Week in Google

This week in Google

Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferris Show

TLDR Daily Briefing

TLDR Daily Briefin‪g



Up First

NPR Up First

You Are Not So Smart

You Are Not So Smart

Your Undivided Attention

Your Undivided Attention



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