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Speaking & Training

I am a passionate public speaker, entrepreneur and trainer on corporate and strategic communications, EU affairs and public affairs. With an in-depth knowledge of the European Union decision-making, government relations, stakeholder relations and online communication, I am focused on explaining complex issues in a simple and clear way to the widest possible audience in Brussels, Washington D.C. and beyond.


Thank you very much for the excellent in-person workshop last week. It was exactly what we needed given our level of experience, and it was tailored in an ideal way so as to provide us with broad exposure and also to open numerous doors in how we can think about advocacy in Europe. There were many memorable conversations, and an outstanding cast of characters.

- Tomás Ryan, Federation of European Neuroscience Societies, Ireland

Students very much enjoyed this course. They stressed the professor’s knowledge on the topic and his ability to present the course material in a well-organised, interesting and dynamic way. Moreover, the professor is considered approachable and eager to help students.

- College of Europe, Intensive Seminar, Strategic communication

It was probably the most useful workshop I’ve ever attended. All these tools and material we learned about won’t only be useful for YFJ but for any job I’ll do in the in future.

- European Youth Forum, participant

You not only matched our (and my) expectations but went even beyond. The insights and examples you gave are excellent “food for thoughts” and are the base for a small working to come up with recommendations for us in our company. It was really interesting to see how others are measuring success and even though we are already applying the quantification-approach for most of our topics, it was good to get some other measures/KPIs.

- Senior manager, German chemical company

Your presentation on the communications landscape in Brussels was highly interesting and engaging. It provided an ideal overview for those not so familiar with the EU context – and many valuable insights for those of us who have been in ‘the bubble’ a little longer, too! The feedback from our participants was universally positive, and they appreciated the opportunity to put their questions to you afterwards. I hope you enjoyed the lively discussion that followed as much as we did.

- Magdalena Wawrzonkowska, Head of Communications, ORGALIME

Thanks Andras for another great workshop. Plenty of food for thought and inspiration for members to develop our our own plans for advocacy at a national level.

- Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe (FORE), November 2016

I want to thank you for a resoundingly successful course and below you will see our own conclusions on what we will take away. You have increased the capability of the group successfully and we will be in further contact.

- George Tice, Senior Director EMEA, Elanco Animal Health

Just want to thank you very much for your presentation 2 weeks ago during the board meeting: the feedback we got from the members was very positive.

- Jean-Charles Bocquet, Director General, European Crop Protection Association

Thank you once again for your great presentation and speech at our networking event on Monday. Very good feedback from all my colleagues!

- Susanne Kettler, Senior Director, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, The Coca-Cola Company

Students very much enjoyed this course. They stressed the professor’s knowledge on the topic and his ability to present the course material in a well-organised, interesting and dynamic way. All in all, they appreciated this course and found it particularly interesting and practical as opposed to many other theoretical courses they attended during the seminar.

- College of Europe, Summer intensive course, Strategic communication, July 2016

I am very happy to be invited as a guest speaker at MBA courses, conferences and academic events to
speak about any of the above topics, so feel free to get in touch with me any time.If you are interested in
some free resources, check the free e-books section of this website or visit any of the above links!

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