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  • Counter-Point: Activists Operate By Outrage, Not Fear

    Category: Corporate communication, Lobbying, Public Affairs

    This article originally appeared in the American Council on Science and Health.   You have probably seen the most recent attack (warning: crackpot link) on Professor Kevin Folta of the University of Florida, Gainesville by activists who see conspiracy and collusion everywhere. You …

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  • Should the European Commission fund NGOs?

    Category: EU Affairs, Lobbying

        The European Commission, most recently its DG Environment has just released a report on the latest round of funding for ‘European environmental NGOs’.     But think about it: why does the EU’s executive need to give taxpayers’ money to …

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  • Social media in EU healthcare advocacy

    Category: EU Affairs, Marketing, Public speaking

    I’ll talk about four main topics in the context of Social Media Advocacy in the Healthcare sector in the European Union. Note that the topic is a bit more narrow than “Digital Advocacy” as that would include a deeper analysis of websites, interactive tools, mobile apps, newsletters and other tools apart from social media.

    The four topics are: One: outline and a bit of context, Two: a look at what your objective could be, Three: a few ideas and topics to talk about (which is quite a challenge for many people when trying to communicate to policymakers and to the broader stakeholder community), and Four: a few tips and considerations that I’d like to highlight.

    Read the full transcript and see the presentation online!

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