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Talk when I listen


This article was first published on the Online EU Training blog
If you are selling bathroom design, where do you convince buyers that you are worthy of their attention?
In the showroom? Your catalogue? Online? Oh no.
Dozens of home remodeling stores polish their showcase every single day while forgetting that customers spend a long time in their salons browsing around: they will eventually end up visiting thelocal bathroom.
Suprisingly, they have not realised that it’s not just a human need being catered there: it is prospects using items that are being sold right outside the toilet door. Unlike coersion marketing by sales reps, brochures and website ads, this is the only place in the entire business where no sales effort is required to get customers “try before they buy”.
You as a consultant, lobbyist, trainer, civil servant or manager may think that bathroom shops have it easy – but all industries have an undiscovered place where prospects just want to be exposed to your very best items…without feeling any sales push.
Tell me your story when I am most prepared to listen.
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