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The best way to grow your customer base

The fitness club I used to go to had posted billboards all over the city to get new clients sign to up. They offered introductory pricing, special gifts and all sorts of treats.


It also offered existing members special branded sports bags if they brought in new customers.

Grow your customer base

Similarly, the mobile phone operator I used to be a client of tried lock customers in by 2-year ‘loyalty’ contracts.


What both of them forgot, however, was to pay attention to existing clients and make sure they are 100% satisfied with the service they get.


What happened then? I left them both as soon as I found a superior provider.


This has cost them hundreds or rather thousands of euros of lost revenue even though keeping a client is far cheaper than convincing someone to give you their trust.


In budget terms, a few hundred euros of investment to provide a better customer service, ask where improvements should be made or just adding a human touch would be money much better spent than all those billboards and bribes littering the streets.


The simplest and cheapest way to grow your customers is easy: keep them.



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