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The Maslow Pyramid of Internet Needs


This article was first published on the Online EU Training blog


The Maslow pyramid, or the hierarchy of needs, is a well known concept of the basic and higher-level needs of human beings. Did you know that the same exists for Internet users?


This week we have undergone one of the toughest days in the life of Online EU Tests (or rather our new brand, Online EU Training). Moving servers, upgrading to a new site, migrating data and fine-tuning a new system cuts into level 1 and 2 needs: internet was working for our users, but many times you could not connect, got interrupted or the system slowed down.


All of this for a great cause – but who cares about it when your EPSO exam is just about the corner? Well, we understood this: working 20 hours a day bore its fruit…and we’re on the most powerful server with a cool new site…and everything seems to be working now.


Why did we do it? It’s very simple, just check the concept of  “Local Max“: it tells it all. We are no longer limited to EPSO Test preparation, we’re doing Online EU Training: webinars for candidates, online tests, EU affairs job ads, study materials, e-learning for universities & businesses..and so much more to come.


Welcome to our new site: let’s go up to Level 5 together!


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