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I am a strategic communication and public affairs expert, passionate about science communication, entrepreneurship and making sense of seemingly complex issues. I have set up the European office of the world’s largest organization for public affairs professionals, the Public Affairs Council and also keep an eye on the company I co-founded, Arboreus Online Training. My latest venture is SpeakerHub, where public speakers, trainer and moderators can get more visibility and connect with event organizers.


I am proud to have authored the Ultimate EU Test Book – Europe’s no.1 best-seller book on EU exams, which has helped thousands of candidates prepare for EPSO competitions, hundreds of whom are now permanent EU officials.


My career has included seven years of experience at the European Commission and the European Court of Justice, where I coordinated briefings for Commission President Barroso, served as a member of the cabinet of Commissioner Kovács and dealt with European regulatory procedures known to experts as ‘comitology’.


I have an M.A. in Law and Political Sciences and the degree of Master of European Public Administration from the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium. I am always open to invitations to speak about global public affairs, lobbying, strategic communications, European decision-making, skill-building for government relations professionals, EPSO exams, EU communication or online entrepreneurship.


I have given presentations and held training courses for over 2000 corporate and other professionals, including:




Topics I often cover:


  • Strategic communication and positioning for public affairs
  • Communicating science in a political context
  • Social media and web communications for global public affairs
  • Understanding government affairs for businesses and NGOs
  • Coaching & training on EU decision making in practice
  • EU regulatory [comitology] procedures
  • Online marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Coaching for EPSO exam preparation & Assessment Centre
  • Oral presentation, structured interview simulation
  • …see the list of my presentations and training courses: check this list


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