EU Job Seekers: Make Your Application Stand Out

April 8, 2024

EU job seekers: make your application stand out following these steps.

1) Make your Linkedin profile as robust as possible, and/or create a comprehensive CV/resume in PDF, or #Europass CV in Word.

2) If your CV is in PDF, use to convert it into Word to remove your personal data like your date of birth, phone number, or other sensitive info. You can immediately convert it back into PDF.

3) Go to ChatGPT, look for "Explore GPTs" and find one of the PDF reader tools (e.g., PDF AI PDF or any other) [note: you might need to upgrade to GPT-4 for $20] or check's AI reader, Google's Gemini, or any of the countless tools out there.

4) Upload the PDF into the above tool.

5) Input a prompt along the lines of "Analyze my resume in the attached PDF. Give me 10 specific ideas on what to change or update or edit in it considering the following position I am applying for: [the Chief Spokesperson of the European Commission in 2024]. The main job requirements are [copy from the vacancy announcement: X, Y, Z]."

6) Input another prompt: "Based on my profile and expertise, assume my professional style and draft a short and effective cover letter that highlights how my background and knowledge can contribute to the job (avoid just listing or highlighting my assets, and avoid jargon or superlatives). Make sure the cover letter is not longer than 5 paragraphs."

7) If you get invited for an interview, repeat the above and add a prompt saying "Generate 10 questions I can expect at the job interview based on my profile, 10 more questions that are challenging or difficult to answer related to my background, and 10 questions related to the job in question."

8) Practice.

9) If you get the job, let's go for a beer to celebrate 🍺

UPDATE: as Natacha pointed out, don't consider the edits/draft suggested by the AI as 'the' final product. It has to be yours, and genuine.