EPSO Exam Forecast - What to Expect in 2024?

January 11, 2024

EPSO exam forecast - what to expect in 2024? 👀

🔮 Here are our predictions for this year based on the twists from the past few months...

  • Instead of remote proctoring, EPSO trials Telepathic Test-taking
  • New survival skills are required for navigating EPSO's ever-changing landscape
  • Astrological Assessment - EPSO starts considering star signs for compatibility with EU institutions
  • Ready for the EPSOlympics? Candidates compete in mind games and memory challenges with a live audience, the top contenders get on the reserve list
  • Time travel task for bonus points - Fix history's messes before even stepping into the office

PS: This is just a bit of fun – fingers crossed for a more predictable 2024!

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