GPT: Eager, Smart and Ignorant

July 4, 2024

There are the 3 strengths/weaknesses of #GPT: it's eager, smart, and ignorant.

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What does that mean?

1. Eager: it wants to please you, so it will give detailed replies even based on an incomplete or basic prompt, but that often means the user (you) will not be satisfied with the reply, or worse, consider the AI useless or overhyped. You need to tame this zeal by proper instructions, more background/context, and specifying what you need in detail.

2. Smart: the AI has excellent reasoning, computing, processing, and even 'creative' "skills". Feeding in structured and multi-faceted data can be processed very quickly and in most cases, quite accurately. This is one of its strongest abilities so it can be harnessed to the fullest extent.

3. Ignorant: based on its large dataset and access to live online information, GPTs are of course not lacking knowledge. What they do lack is *your* specific background information, context, explanation, Excels and Docs and PDFs that you probably want to feed into them so they can provide relevant, personalized, custom replies instead of needing to rely on "what's out there"

....and to harness GPTs' true power, it starts with a high-quality prompt.

(Hope this is helpful - if so, please share it with your network.