How to Use AI to Reach Your Target Audience

June 25, 2024

"I wonder how my message will resonate with [fill in the audience]?"

Wonder no more: you can do pretty effective message testing with lookalike personas using AI/GPT.

All you need to do is be specific and detailed enough to make it work, and you don't even need to come up with the specific audience attributes yourself.

Give a prompt along the lines of : "Create a detailed persona of a Member of the European Parliament based on 10 political and personal attributes, but first ask me for these attributes one by one so I can provide you the right input. When that persona is ready, give it a name so I can use it as a reference."Once this is done, you can "throw" messages at this "persona", but you can just as well have GPT generate messages that *will* resonate with this persona, along the lines of your policy or advocacy priorities.

...and this is just to get started ✌️