How to Write a Report or Briefing on European Parliament Election Results in 5 Minutes

Do you need to write a report or briefing about the European Parliament election results? You can do it in 5 minutes, with more insights than you thought was possible.

1. Find a few recent public briefings/analysis on reputable research institutes' and media websites about the EP elections. Look for ECFR (European Council on Foreign Relations), EUI (European University Institute), Politico's rundown, EPC (European Policy Center), Bruegel economic think tank or any other.

2. Download their reports or 'print' the long-form analysis as PDF. Make sure to have at least 3 of these reports for diverse background.

3. Upload all the PDFs into ChatGPT or

4. Prompt as follows: "I need to write a detailed report about the outcome of the 2024 EP elections. Carefully analyze the documents I have uploaded, and cross-check their findings. Provide a detailed analysis with headings and bullet points, in the format of a briefing, that covers all key findings and then highlight the elections' impact on [MY SECTOR]. Make sure to stay factual, balanced, and avoid being sensational. Include 10 or more key data points and practical takeaways. Add a paragraph on 'what does this mean in practice' in the end."

5. Copy the results into a document, fine tune the wording if needed, and you're done.

+1 Impress your boss or association members ✌️