The Best Government Relations Tracking & Analytics Tools for EU Public Affairs

December 6, 2017

As the public and government affairs function is becoming more professional and data-driven, a number of companies/tools have appeared on the European scene.

Their mission: help lobbyists, regulatory managers and corporate affairs professionals track, monitor, analyse, log events and trends, and/or connect and engage with policymakers at EU institutions, government officials at local or national level, and stakeholders at large.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of all the tools/companies offering digital public affairs tools of some kind. If you run a service that should be on this list, let me know and I’ll update it.

Important: the numbers below are not meant to be a ranking of any kind. The blurbs were taken from the respective companies’ website, without any comment or evaluation from me. I didn’t include any social media tracking tools that have no links to government or corporate affairs, or Europe.


Quorum is a public affairs software platform that enables organizations to launch grassroots advocacy campaigns, manage stakeholder engagement, and monitor Washington, Brussels, all 50 states, and thousands of cities around the country.


The FiscalNote GRM is a data, workflow, and analytics platform designed to help organizations of all shapes and sizes effectively manage the impact of the outside world.


Positively responding to the EU priorities on eradicating terrorist radicalisation and recruitment, the project aims to facilitate the prevention of terrorism through the identification of radicalisation.


Integrated, organized and mined data on stakeholders, organizations, trends and issues combined with smart software and advanced algorithms to de-risk your issues and grow your business.


A systematic, structured, obsessively complete approach to regulatory intelligence.

6. Dods Monitoring

Leading UK and EU parliamentary and political intelligence service. Also providing the German and French monitoring.

7. One Policy Place

All your EU information in One Place, instantly accessible and adaptable, wherever you go.

8. DeHavilland EU Monitoring

DeHavilland EU provides EU political intelligence, EU monitoring, bespoke research and consulting services that are specifically tailored to your interests and needs.


#EUinsight enables European Affairs professionals to handle large amounts of different digital sources easily to know more, faster.


The go-to platform to discover, evaluate and share reports and insights from political analysts and policy wonks, both in Brussels and across the EU.


Save time gathering relevant information from dozens of websites. It’s already here; filterable, searchable, and growing every day!


VoteWatch Europe is shaping the EU policy debate with cutting-edge analysis who stems from a unique combination of big data and political insight.


PoliMonitor is a free political research, engagement and monitoring tool which allows users to receive daily alerts when policy makers and politicians mention terms of interest.

14. Saper Vedere

A unique EU public affairs & communications consultancy, offering the world’s most advanced social media tools w/ years of EU bubble, media & PA expertise.

15. is the comprehensive, reliable, fast and independent platform on which all available open Swiss government data (Open Government Data, #ogd) and their interfaces (APIs) are collected and processed. We visualize ongoing and completed political business and elections.

16. MLex

MLex is an independent media organization providing exclusive market insight, analysis and commentary on regulatory risk, and what it means for business.


POLITICO Pro provides the most distinct and authoritative policy news coverage of Europe and beyond and because of that, Pros depend on us to do their jobs.

18. Sigwatch

SIGWATCH carries out real-time tracking and analysis of activist campaigns to help companies manage activist risk and understand how NGOs are driving policy issues.

19. RAP Index

RAP Index is an Influencer Identification tool that uncovers your true advocates, the people who have the right relationships and, more importantly, have the attitude, ability & political capital to be effective advocates for you & your issues.

20. EU Monitor

The EU monitor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through and supports most mobile devices and tablets. You can also opt to disseminate information to your organisations and stakeholders through a digital newsletter or your own intranet. The newsletter can be tailored to your brand.

21. Statehill

Statehill is a political intelligence software platform fusing together the worlds of technology and politics to enable improved access and navigation to legislative data. Our ever expanding reach currently includes the European Parliament (and other EU institutions), UK, Germany, France, and Spain, as well as US Congress and all 50 US states.