The EU's "Strategic Agenda 2024-2029"

July 1, 2024

The EU's "Strategic Agenda 2024-2029" has just been released. Aside from pundits, does anyone care? How about making it more interesting with #EUGPT's power to...

1) turn it into a rap song, Eminem-style?

"Got a world that’s unstable, wars back on the table,But we’re stronger together, we’re nothin’ if not able,Ukraine’s got our support, against aggression they fought,We’re the shield, we’re the sword, in this global retort."

2) ...or a Shakespearean verse?

"To Europe’s peace, we pledge our hearts and might,In unity, we face the tempest’s roar.With valor, fight for justice, day and night,Forsooth, our Union stands forevermore."

3) ...or an Obama-style speech?

"My fellow Europeans, in unity we rise, facing challenges with courage and resolve. Together, we’ll lead the charge against climate change and champion our shared values of democracy and peace. Let’s embrace innovation, support our neighbors, and ensure a prosperous future for all. Yes, we can!"

4) ...or a Trump-style rally?

"Folks, Europe is strong, we’re making it great again, believe me. We’re tackling climate, boosting security, and supporting Ukraine big league. We’re protecting our borders, and our economies will be the best ever. Together, we’ll win like never before!"

5) ...or a speech by the Pope?

"Beloved Europeans, let us unite in peace and solidarity, guided by love and justice. Together, we shall protect our Earth and support those in need. May our efforts bring prosperity and harmony to all. With God’s grace, we shall overcome."

6) ...or a rhythmic verse only with words starting with "E"?

"Europe embraces evolution, enhancing environmental efforts. Economic empowerment ensures equitable growth. Embracing unity, Europe endures. Envisioning a future, Europe excels."

#AI is powerful if used creatively. Let's keep experimenting ✌️