The Ultimate Persuader

May 15, 2024

Can you become the ultimate persuader in 3 minutes using #EUGPT? #advocacy professionals, #lobbyists, MEPs and civil servants, from Washington D.C. to Brussels and beyond are in the #influence game.

Use these prompts to get better arguments for your next meeting or email:

1. "Give me 10 frameworks or research-based proven methods for effective persuasion." (you'll likely get Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion, Behavioral Economics and Nudge Theory, Inoculation Theory and others)

2. "Use these methods and approaches to craft 7 persuasive arguments to convince [target audience] of [topic]."

3. "Given the above audience and their current stance, list 10 counter-arguments they will likely use to push back on my persuasion."

4. "Apply the above persuasion frameworks and methods to push back against their counter-arguments even before they make it, that is, proactively."

(ChatGPT for public affairs & comms workshop with Jacques Foul coming soon.

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